VR Makes You Far Ahead of Things Amidst COVID-19

The once isolated breakout in China that has dominated the news for several weeks has now outspread to turn into a global phenomenon.  Yes we are talking about the novel coronavirus outbreak which is also known as COVID-19.  The deadly virus is spreading rapidly from person to person in many parts of the world. And with a rise in the daily confirmed cases of it internationally, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared it a global pandemic.



Now while the major concern is obviously personal and family health, we cannot overlook the fact that it has been substantially affecting the business environments as well. Many of the companies are being cautious for their employees and partners, and thus cancelling events and conferences. Businesses are facing problems in making their product announcements, managers, corporate trainers, workers; all are preventing travelling due to the novel coronavirus outbreak. In this resource, we are going to understand how VR picks up the slack in these difficult times.

Product Demonstrations & Conferences

Companies are facing troubles in making their new product announcements out there as people don’t want to attend conferences or business meetings.  With employees avoiding coming to the offices, and people avoiding public gatherings, product demonstrations and conferences have become inconvenient amid the coronavirus crisis across the globe these days. This is where Virtual Reality technology can be beneficial for businesses. VR Product Demonstrations require no in-person meetings.

Furthermore, it gives customers a brief understanding of the products. With the immersive realistic technology, customers get a more personal touch with the product, which successfully ends up in turning a potential customer into a buyer. Hence, it’s a sure thing to say that with VR Technology, there’s no reason to stop the outreach due to coronavirus fears.

VR Walkthrough Technology

Want to showcase your work operations at your plant while highlighting the key areas of your work environment in the middle of this deadly coronavirus outbreak? A 360 Virtual Walkthrough video is your answer. VR Walkthrough lets you get to your customers without asking them to visit your plant. Customers can get an in-depth view of your work spaces while sitting at their houses. VR Walkthrough provides the customers with an impactful experience which strongly convinces them to invest in your business.

VR Training

From saving costs and boosting productivity to increasing skills and performing dangerous operations safely, VR Training is being used by a huge number of companies. And, amidst the coronavirus outbreak, it is a boon for companies. Due to the coronavirus shutdown, no one wants to leave their home and travel. Hence, companies can quickly and easily train employees to learn all facets of a job with Virtual Reality Training.


There is not an ounce of doubt that the novel coronavirus is crippling many businesses around the globe. Events all around the world are being cancelled, companies are facing a significant short-term impact on their revenues, all due to the pandemic outbreak. Virtual reality technology lets you reach out to your important clients, regardless of their location, and continues to maintain an innovative customer engagement approach during these hard times.

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