Everything You Need To Know About Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual Reality Technology Introduction:-

Virtual Reality Technology enabled a human to experience anything, anywhere, anytime. It is purely a virtual world where you feel the environment around in a realistic way. Head mounted display with headphones and hand controllers to offer a fully immersive experience.
Virtual Reality Technology Definition: – A Realistic Three-dimensional view or artificial environment which is created by a mixture of hardware and software, where a user can experience an interactive and interesting environment, and doubts have no space with its acceptance as a real environment.
Virtual Reality Technology Explained: Virtual Reality Technology could be understood by defining what the target to achieve which is total immersion. Total Immersion means that the sensory experience put you to the world of imagination where you can feel the virtual environment with realistic experience where you can interact with it as usual as the real world. In the virtual world environment, a complete virtual world may or may not imitator the properties of the real environment.

History of Virtual Reality Technology –

Current situation of Virtual Reality Technology innovations expands upon thoughts that go back to 1800s, nearly to the earliest reference point or down to earth photography. In 1838, the main stereoscope was developed, utilizing twin mirrors to extend a solitary picture. That in the end formed into the view ace licensed in 1939 and still created today.

Virtual reality History 1939

However the term “Virtual Reality Technology” was used in the 1980s when Jaron Lanier, VPL research founder, begun to develop the gear, including goggles and gloves needed to experience what he called Virtual Reality Technology.
In 1991 we started to see VR gadgets to which open began to get to, in spite of the fact that household responsibility for edge VR was still far distant. The Virtuality bunches propelled a scope of arcade diversions and machines. Wherein players would wear a set of VR goggles and play on gaming machines with real-time immersive stereoscopic 3D visuals. A portion of the units was additionally collected together for a multiplayer gaming knowledge.

1993 was the year when SEGA announced the SEGA VR headset for the SEGA Genesis console in 1993 at consumer electronics show. The headset wrap around prototype glasses had head tracking, stereo sound and LCD screens in the visitor. However, technical development difficulties for further development pushback it to remain in prototype phase despite having developed 4 games for this product and the product was a huge flop for SEGA.

VR History 1993

While in 1995 Nintendo Virtual boy was launched which was a 3D gaming console that was hyped to be the first ever portable console that could display true 3D graphics. It had launched initially in Japan and North America. But this device has also had few drawbacks like lack of graphic colors which leads the product towards the failure and the same has been discontinued in production.

VR 3D Games

The year 1999 film The Matrix hits theaters. The Feature characters of the film were demonstrated in the fully simulated world. The Matrix had a major cultural impact and brought the topic of simulated reality into the mainstream.
Virtual Reality Technology in Current century

The past 17 years of the 21st century have seen major, rapid advancement in the development of Virtual Reality Technology. Computer technologies have grown significantly where a boom in mobile technology has been tremendous while prices are constantly driven down. The era of smartphones put users towards a lightweight, high density, 3D graphics capabilities gadget. The video gaming industry has continued to drive the development of consumer Virtual Reality Technology unrelieved. Depth sensing camera sensor suits, motions sensors, and natural human interfaces are already adopted and a part of daily human computing tasks.
VR now in a phase to attract an audience through upgraded VR gadgets with more immersion and interactivity where a lot of companies are continuously working towards better user experience of VR technology.

Key Elements of Virtual Reality Technology:

Virtual world:

A virtual world is a 3D environment where one can interact with other and make substances as a piece of communication. In the domain of Virtual Reality Technology, visual outlooks are receptive to changes in program and communications mimics which were experienced in the real world.


Immersion-based on Virtual Reality Technology means being physically present in non –physical world.it embraces the sense of presence, which is the point where human senses believe that somewhere it is really not, and it is accomplished through purely mental and/or physical resources.The state of total immersion exists when enough sensors are activated to create the perceptions of being available in the virtual world.

Sensory feedback

To create a Virtual Reality Technology environment many of the sensors are required to be simulated. These senses in term of vision, Hearing, touch and more are required. To get this properly simulated, this requires sensory feedback which could be achieved through integrated hardware and software like HMD, Hand accessories, and controls.


The Virtual Reality Technology interaction element is crucial to experience with enough comfort and naturally engagement with virtual environments. User engagement is all which is highly required while interaction hence Virtual Reality Technology content should keep all such necessary elements to engage a user where a user can experience a unique environment in a natural manner with lots of excitement so that a sense of immersion will remain.

Types of Virtual Reality Technology

We can segregate the type of Virtual Reality Technology according to their user experience


Non-immersive simulations are the least immersion implementation of Virtual Reality Technology.
In this kind of simulation, only a subset of the user’s senses is replicated, allowing for marginal awareness of the reality outside the VR simulation. A user enters into 3D virtual environments through a portal or window by utilizing standard HD monitors typically found on conventional desktop workstations.

Semi Immersive

In this simulation, users experience a more rich immersion, where a user partly, not fully involved in a virtual environment. Semi immersive simulations are based on high-performance graphical computing, which is often coupled with large screen projector systems or multiple TV projections to properly simulate the user’s visuals.

Fully immersive

Offers the full immersive experience to the user of Virtual Reality Technology, in this phase of VR head-mounted displays and motion sensing devices are used to simulate all of the user senses. In this situation, a user can experience the realistic virtual environment, where a user can experience a wide view field, high resolutions, increased refresh rates and a high quality of visualization through HMD.

Key components of Virtual Reality Technology

In this section, Yeppar highly professional VR developers will let you know about the key components to produce the Virtual Reality Technology environment.

1. PC (personal computer) console/smartphone

Virtual Reality Technology content which is displayed in front of a user after wearing VR headsets is equally important as a headset. To generate solid three dimensional environments, significant computing power is required where the requirement of PC, consoles, and smartphone comes needs to be in place to act as an engine to produce the VR content.

2. HMD (Head Mounted Display)

A head-mounted display is a type of device containing a display mounted in front of a user’s eyes. This display usually covers the full field of viewing angles while delivering the VR content. Some of the VR headsets utilize smartphone displays including the Google cardboard and Samsung Gear VR.

VR Headset

3. Input devices

Input devices are one of the categories of components that offer users a sense of immersion. They provide users with a more natural way to navigate and interact with a virtual environment where a user can have the realistic experience of VR.

Here are few of the VR input devices include:

• Controller Wands
• Joysticks
• Force Balls/Tracking Balls
• Data Gloves
• On-Device Control Buttons
• Motion Platforms (Virtuix Omni)
• Trackpads
• Treadmills
• Motion Trackers/Bodysuits

Virtual Reality Technology Trends

From the last couple of years, Virtual Reality Technology based industry has shown its significant growth. In fact, looking at the recent news of Virtual Reality Technology, we have already stepped up into a new Virtual Reality Technology driven world.
Here we are sharing some of the most VR technology trends that offer us a glimpse of an awesome future.

High-end gaming experience

The most common thing for a person while thinks about Virtual Reality Technology software and equipment in the world of gaming. HTC vive and the oculus rift have dominated the market since their releases and both are primarily used by games lovers. Microsoft, Samsung, Sony also preparing to dive into this soon.
High-resolution gaming experience through VR gadgets are producing a far better environment for entertainment and gaming experience for users which creates lots of curiosity amongst users while interacting with the virtual environment.

The ultimate cinematic experience

Virtual Reality Technology for a cinematic experience is something like a user is in heaven watching a movie and experiencing the virtual cinema in front of the eyes keeping all the features of 3D viewing, surround sound, artificial environment etc.
This year in Amsterdam, world’s first VR cinema has opened, where cinema experience will never be like the same again, special effects, first-person storytelling.

Virtual Reality Technology Shopping –

A new shopping experience has been introduced by Alibaba who created a VR tour for its buyers. As per the predictors believe, future of VR is directly depending on the continuous growth of VR industry. However, the day is not for where shopping will have more fun with VR experience.

Better Immersion-

There are no limits to perfection in terms of visual and auditory aspects while experiencing a virtual environment, this is the beauty of technology where we could see which has never been assumed. And expecting a touch and smell senses through VR gadgets in upcoming years should not be surprising elements.

Predictions of Virtual Reality Technology

The way technology is growing it is very difficult to predict as a market is significantly transforming towards innovations where you don’t know after one year a new device with all new features would be in your hand, you will be surrounded with new technologies and startups, innovative visions which you have never been expected.

However immersive platforms are always playing a huge role in modern era; on the bases of my research on Virtual Reality Technology from last few years here, I am sharing my predictions for VR-

Virtual Reality Technology is now in a phase to shape the futuristic advancements which could be combined efforts with augmented reality as a mixed reality where a trend is now going on to develop the mixed reality devices, in recent year Microsoft has developed a device called Microsoft Hololens based on both the augmented and Virtual Reality Technology where virtual content could be created in real environment through the device for better experience of both augmented and Virtual Reality Technology technologies.

Now Virtual Reality Technology moving ahead towards maturity and we expect its arrival will not only limited to games and entertainment but also will offer new forms of experience and expressions towards every dimension.

According to the CAGR (COMPOUND ANNUAL GROWTH RATE) global report market cap of Virtual Reality, Technology will be approximately 26.89 billion by 2022, the growth rate is expected to reach around 54.01% between” 2017 to 2022.
According to a new report from “Greenlight insights” earlier this year, VR revenue will hit the amount of $75 Billion by 2021.

Greenlight has additionally conjectured that area based Virtual Reality Technology in shopping centers and motion pictures theaters will develop into a noteworthy piece of the business. Area-based VR will get $222 million around the world; by 2021, and the sum will be developed to nearly $1.2 billion.

According to Ankush Sharma, CEO of Yeppar, The VR market will grow significantly in an upcoming year not only in developed countries but also each region of the globe with its unique concept based on immersion. The CEO is also working towards AR/VR/MR awareness within every segment of life where each individual can get benefitted to these technologies.

Here most eminent VR development company Yeppar has highlighted top industries which are adopting VR Technology.


Tourism industry still a bit far from adopting VR technology, however, there is an immersive experience to visit world’s popular places through Virtual Reality Technology; VR allows guided tours of any place around the world. This will especially smaller and less known places, as a traveler can observe what each destination has to offer.
The collaboration of Thomas Cook and Samsung VR is one of the examples of offering the realistic presentation Thomas cook locations around the world.

VR Technology in Tourism


In a similar way to an engineer, Virtual Reality Technology has the potential to change the way architect designs buildings. Architectures are given advancements before proceeding the building construction as they can experiment with all the aspects of construction like lightning, material, and layouts, whereas customers can take the virtual tours of their future home and understand how it will look and feel.
Contractors and builders also have a better understanding of what is expected to design, wherein customization in design and other aspects before taking the project on the ground will add advantage to ease the complications of communication.

VR Technology in Architecture


Virtual Reality Technology is allowing stores to showcasing everything from different models to multiple shades, designs, flavors etc., without having the product on-site. It also enables users to test a product before proceeding to purchase. This has the additional benefit of offering retailers insight into consumer behavior.

Virtual Reality Technology in Retail


Virtual Reality Technology has changed car industry forms like an outline, security, buys and so on. The practical components of VR enable planners and specialists to analyze how an auto will look and capacity without putting resources into setting up numerous models. Replicating the outside condition virtually additionally permits for security trails to be performed on vehicles without applying the time and vitality while utilized as a part of genuine tests.
Major automotive brands like Ford, Volvo and more are already utilizing VR technology for their product development altogether sales vertical of automobiles are also getting benefit from it while using VR for virtual showrooms to showcase multiple automotive products.

Virtual reality Technology in Automotive


Using Virtual Reality Technology models of human anatomy, health care professional can get the insights of what they will experience before actually working on the real human body. This is not only aligned medical practitioners with right direction altogether a medical professional can also get benefit to this while performing high-risk procedures.
Critical surgeries are now can be viewed via 360 degrees and in real time from any corner of the world with VR apps. Robotic surgeries are also being performed via VR nowadays.

VR Technology in Healthcare


Education is a ripe field of virtual reality, offering more immersive teaching environment to be delivered virtually.

Virtual Reality in Education


Virtual Reality’s most popular impact may well be in training where lots of industries are already using this technology for their training purpose. Multiple numbers of trainees could be in a room with consultant performing a procedure. Providing experience to multiple people with VR will be extremely powerful.

Virtual Reality Training

Final words – virtual Reality has now grown significantly and moving towards better immersion where industry advancements putting it not only in entertainment but also towards each dimension of life. VR technology is grooming the mode of interaction between human and environment where customer experience is significantly grown in term of quality VR content.
As India’s largest AR/VR/MR service provider, Yeppar is on hand to assist you to find the right technological solution for your business.

To explore more information about Virtual reality or to know more about the Yeppar AR/VR/MR  development process visit on Yeppar AR/VR/MR request demo Page.

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