Real-Time Virtual Try-On: An Elevated Shopping Experience

COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread rapidly around the world. Almost all the countries of the world are at various stages of the pandemic. While those which were affected at initial containment are now at the stage of resurgence and are implementing additional measures to cope with the aftermath, those which are at the peak of infection are constructing surge capacities in their health organization. All the countries are deploying preventive measures to break the chain of the virus. These include social distancing, testing and tracing, travel restrictions, and most of all, effective utilization of the personal protective equipment (PPE) kits. The goal for the governments in these phenomenal times is to maintain economic ratios while doing everything they can to protect their citizens. And while there is not an ounce of doubt that the virus has caused many fatalities and continues to do so, it is drastically affecting many businesses as well.

In the midst of a pandemic, industries are facing potential loss not only in revenue and profits, but also they are losing their customers and failing to maintain a positive reputation. Services that require a physical presence are incurring heavy losses, and others are relying solemnly on online sales. That is why many businesses are shifting towards providing a virtual try-on experience to their customers in order to cope up with the drastic circumstances.

The virtual try-on technology has the potential to deliver information about the product in full depth just like that in the physical examination of the product. Apart from the in-depth information aspect, virtual try-on technology enhances the interactivity and involvement of the customers to a whole new level, resulting in an enhanced shopping experience. While at one hand the technology reduces the product risks, on the other hand, it encourages the customers to often shop online due to an increased enjoyment in their online shopping experience. Thus, a pinch of technology and innovativeness is ruling the roost by being the need of the hour. In this resource, we are going to explore some of the benefits of using virtual try-on technology in our businesses, especially in these difficult times.

Customer Involvement

When the user experience involves complete interaction with the product in the most amazing way possible, it only results in enhanced customer involvement. A virtual try-on is a comprehensive involvement tool that allows the users to completely go through and experience the product digitally, at the comfort of their home, office, bar, anywhere, and that too in the most realistic way possible. And also, if you could see the result of the presence of a product in real-time, what more do you need?

Shopping’s A Delight

Virtual try-on technology is the coolest approach to shopping.  When your customers shop your product through the leading edge virtual try-on technology, it makes them go wonder and fills them with delight. Adopting the technology would inject innovativeness into your business, providing you with an exceptional edge over your competitors. It gives any company an advantage in the cut-throat market competition.

A Personal Touch

While shopping from home has always been there via television, radio, and of course, through the internet, it always lacked the touch of personalization and was always limited. Virtual try-on technology offers a more personal touch to the customers by providing them a visual approach and allows them to imagine the product in their life or environment. Also, you can get a real-time second opinion of your friend. In other words, the technology takes the ‘try before buy experience’ to a more personal and captivating level.

Risk-Free Approach

Who would not want zero-liability free trials? Virtual try-on offers you a risk-free try before buy experience. Be it putting a sofa into your living room, decorating your ceiling with lights, or even parking a new car into your garage, you name it. All these things can be done in the easiest way possible and that too without worrying about a scratch, or creating a mess.

Boost Your Sales

Virtual try-on technology is synonymous with quicker shopping decisions. In the case of an extensive product range, the technology eliminates decision paralysis, which results in a happy and satisfied customer shopping experience. It also helps in reducing returns and as a fascinating try before buy experience would make your customers less likely to return the product. Virtual try-on technology is the key to turning a prospective customer into a potential buyer.

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As the dream of every shopper in the world is to make accurate shopping decisions, virtual try-on technology is imperative to make it happen as it provides enhanced customer experience and satisfaction. And after all the significant points discussed above, it would not be wrong to say that this kind of innovative technology plays a substantial role in boosting the overall customer shopping experience while simultaneously elevating your sales.

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