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Training domain is a crucial part of any organization, Best product is directly proportionate to efficient training.

A good organization should have the proper learning and development program for their employees to get better results while in production, hence big organization always invest in the better training modules for their employees to get better productivity.

Now come to the point how the training modules can be interactive? So that an employee can get best out of it.

In the country like India, the industries are still following the veteran strategy to provide the training to the employees.

Mixed Reality

Wherein PPTs are the best mode of communication altogether less practical training, especially engineering and maintenance departments are way behind of interactive training modules.

In the meanwhile there are lots of interactive technologies has been introduced worldwide to make the things easier while in learning and development towards better understanding and deliverance.

Top industries are brainstorming towards offering better practical training to get the best products in minimum time and cost.

Mixed reality is one of the latest technology introduced towards better immersion and user experience to make the process easier and less complicated.

What is Mixed Reality?

Mixed Reality is basically a combine display of Augmented Reality and virtual reality, which can be experienced in a real environment with virtual objects.

Mixed reality for training


Mixed Reality for Training

AR/VR/MR technologies are now mature enough to offer a professional training program for the individuals to improve their skills.

Many studies have revealed that the upcoming generation is looking for more experimental learning.

Although this is not surprising, that the upcoming era would definitely be digitally influenced.

In the industries, this savvy plays a significant role by allowing enterprises to train their staff more effectively and quickly.

Mixed reality represents the content in the form of 3D holograms which could be placed in the real environment wherever required with virtual interactions.

Mixed Reality Devices


There are lots of devices available in the market based on mixed reality. However, Microsoft has launched the Hololens in early 2016, based on mixed reality.

Currently there are more devices available in the market based on mixed reality like Samsung odyssey, Asus, HP and more.

How Mixed Reality works as a training tool?

Let’s get started with below given video, where we will try to make you understand that how mixed reality can transform the training modules.

Here a consumer is struggling with the car breakdown and he is not able to understand that what is actual problem has occurred to the car mechanism.

Now he is using the power of mixed reality where he will not only connect to an engineer, but also be able to take the instructions to follow from a mechanical engineer.

In this way, both customer and engineer will connect to each other through the mixed reality training module.

Customer can offer the whole view of the car engine to the engineer, so that he can able to look out for the problem and accordingly instruct the customer to follow the steps to repair the fault.

This is possible just because of training given by the engineer to the customer through mixed reality.

The example has offered you to get the better understanding of the overall process.

Isn’t it amazing?

This is one of the best ways to provide the skill training to the trainees, without time, place, space barriers.

A Trainer can train the multiple trainees at a time who are located in the different places.

This not only a revolution in the training industries who are struggling to provide better skill training to their employees, but also a revolution for the training industry.

And the method will definitely save the time and cost for an organization altogether they will get the best piece of training from the best trainers around the world.

Mixed reality has an extreme power to influence the current training process, especially in developing countries where this could be a game changer.

However, its cost and strength is still a deal breaker for most of the industries.

But we are expecting it to get common even in the developing countries for upcoming years.

And we are hoping industries to be adaptive towards innovations soon to get best out of these kind of amazing technologies, so that the upcoming generation could be a techno freak.

Thanks for reading the article from Yeppar.

If you have any kind of query, suggestions or you just want to experience the power or AR/VR/MR, just click here to get the free demo.

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