Mixed Reality Applications: Bridging the Gap between Reality & Fascination

Mixed Reality, as the name suggests is a merger of both virtual as well as physical reality. MR, which is also known as “Hybrid Reality”, is a domain in which tangible and virtual objects co-exist. The first mixed reality system was known as the Virtual Fixtures Platform. It was developed at the Armstrong Laboratories of the US Air Force in 1990. At present, there are a total of five Mixed Reality Applications. These are Military Training, Remote Working, Real Asset Virtualization Environment, Simulation-Based Learning, and Interactive Product Content Management. Apart from the various MR Application examples that have been mentioned above, the Mixed Reality Application in India is also used in various fields such as Medical, Business, Healthcare, etc.

Mixed Reality Applications

MR applications are comparable to that of the Augmented Reality applications. There are various Mixed Reality application provider companies in India. Some of these are Oodles Technology, Gmetri, Xenium Digital, etc. There are many Mixed Reality application development companies that have emerged after Microsoft’s Hololens. Let us study about the various Mixed Reality Applications.

  1. Remote Working: Organizational challenges and difficulties can be faced very easily through the use of Mixed Reality applications. All the employees need to do is to wear an immersive headset. By doing that, one enters into a virtual environment in which language is no barrier as there is the facility of auto-translation in real-time.
  2. Simulation-Based Learning (SBL): With the help of simulated systems or modules, it is always easier to learn something new. It is a reality model that reflects both virtual as well as real properties. The era for e-learning has gone now with a new era for s-learning ushering in now with Mixed Reality. It is clear fact that we tend to learn and remember more in immersive form than in reading form. Visual memory is the best memory and fades rather slowly.
  3. Real Asset Virtualization Environment (RAVE): This MR Application imitates 3D models of the precise manufacturing assets which are then assimilated into a virtual habitat that provides real-time data to the users.
  4. Military Training: This type of Mixed Reality Application is used in military training by simulating a virtual battleground. All the three forces of the military – Army, Navy & Air force – can be provided extensive training in the operations through MR based programs. The MR military training is not just limited to battleground combats but several others such as medical training, vehicle simulation, and virtual boot camps are also carried out with it.
  5. Interactive Product Content Management (IPCM): With the help of Hybrid Reality, users can create digitalized 3D replicas of the products. These help a lot to understand the complexities of a project in a virtual and easier way. The static product catalogues are converted into smart 3d interactive replicas.
  6. Advertisement: It has been learned that Mixed Reality will soon be used in designing advertisements that will change the industry altogether. It would be used through the headsets.

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