From Malls to Mobiles | A Complete Guide to Virtual Showroom

Virtual Showroom

Being a brand, you know how your customer experiences purchasing products from your store and buying them online. You know the emotions while one finds the perfect product at your store, as they could feel, try, and satisfy.

Now, stepping into the shoes of your consumers, feel what they experience while shopping online. Consumers tend to be confused and careful to come up with a decision as they miss out ‘feeling the product’ to satisfy themselves.

Digital technology has evolved extremely to bridge the gaps of offline and online shopping to help brands improve brand availability and customers’ shopping experience. Futuristic techs like augmented reality and virtual reality has come into existence and has been enticing brands with virtual showroom platforms and more tools.

Virtual showrooms are emerging to be the savior for brands and businesses, after the unfortunate strike of the pandemic putting customers indoors for their own safety. Brands are opting to set up their 3D virtual showrooms offering their customers a convenient digital shopping experience.

Functionalities of Virtual Showroom

Here are some of the functionalities of virtual reality showroom, that would help configuring the VR showroom by yourself after development.

  • Immerse customers into an amazing virtual environment
  • Design and plan the assortment in the store
  • Collection and analysis of data
  • Management and customization of the VR showroom without the developer’s assistance
  • Planning and customization the interiors
  • Creation of hot spots and animations for customer interaction
  • Customize and use special sales stands

Businesses exist to generate revenue and grow beyond boundaries to serve a vaster market, depending on the quality of products/services and how their marketing is done. These benefits are going to help you with a wide leap towards growth.

Why would the Customers love your VR Showroom?

Your customers are bored of shopping on eCommerce platforms, confused with sizes while purchasing and returning the products after finding imperfect.

With a virtual showroom, you are not just powering up your business, but also empowering your consumers with a convenient shopping experience that eases their decision making.

There are a lot of things your customers can do in your virtual product showroom, like:

  • Virtually walking around the space to explore more of your products and collections
  • Try-on products virtually to find the perfect size that fits their space and design that satisfies them
  • Explore marketing collaterals and advertisements of your brand and products
  • Share their virtual shopping experience on social media
  • Purchase from a redirecting link from the rack of the product

Virtual 3D showrooms not just immerse your customers, but also gives them a sense of control over their purchasing procedure and minimizes stress level to build brand reliability and trust. Allowing them to try before they buy, you add value to your brand and their shopping experience with an advanced technology.

How to Access Virtual Showroom?

Once designed, developed and delivered, your customers could easily access your virtual reality showroom on your website or app, wherever you have strategized to position it.

For your customers to shop on the dedicated VR showroom app, users can download the app from the app store, follow the mentioned instructions, and use the camera to scan the surface and place the virtual store in their own space. Then, they can enter the store, choose products, try them on, and buy them via multiple online payment options.

It is so easy for your customers to get to your virtual store that all they need to do is to get out of their bed and tap on the phone!

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Benefits of Virtual Showroom

Virtual showrooms give businesses an amazing opportunity to go beyond the limitations of space and time, with a globally available platform that can be accessed anytime. As more reach gives more sales with lesser maintenance cutting down costs, VR showrooms are a worthy deal for any business irrespective of their size and segment.

Not just these, here are more benefits of a virtual product showroom for a brand:

  • Allows users to interact with your products
  • Showcase your products anytime, anywhere
  • Minimize the cost of showroom maintenance
  • Gives customers a superior shopping experience
  • Introduce shopping with entertainment

Be a Brand Beyond Limits

As a brand with a virtual showroom, anyone with a smartphone around the globe could be your consumer/client. With all they want to know and see virtually available on their screen within few taps, create your brand’s community beyond limits.

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