Infographic: Virtual Reality Evolution Detailed Analysis

Virtual Reality History-

The technologies are the innovations of the previous discoveries. When the scientist discovered something for the betterment of someone, the discovery with new innovations and solutions comes up with technology for a better life.
It is said that History repeats itself, and is also proved. The panoramic paintings in the nineteenth century were first time used to give the viewer’s real experience of that time. This painting technology slowly with time brings new innovations to give a realistic scenario and now it is known as virtual reality.
This Virtual Reality history was started from Stereoscopic photos where similar images were displayed in such manner that the viewer saw one image from one eye and another from the other eye. This change to the machine in 1950 called Sensorama, the best example of multi-technology, having features of stereo speakers, stereoscopic 3D display, seat vibration and a small generator.
Virtual reality first head mounted display was invented in 1960 which provides stereoscopic 3D displays, vision, and sound. Since 1990’s, the virtual reality technology is creating history every year with providing best solutions in Real estate, Entertainment, Education and other sectors.

Here Yeppar highly skilled VR developers has highlighted virtual Reality Evolution detailed analysis in a beautiful Infographic format.

Virtual Reality History (Infographic)

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