Construction and Architecture Made Easy Through Mixed Reality

Mixed reality is the amalgamation of the real and virtual world where a user can interact with both real and digital objects through the medium of a different apparatus that let them visualize the real world with digital holograms.

Construction and Architecture Made Easy Through Mixed Reality

The apparatus is called HoloLens which was developed by Microsoft to let people experience mixed reality. It displays virtual holograms and environment on its integrated head-mounted display. Through the use of various in-built sensors and cameras, it displays the correct representation of an object in terms of depth, resolution, and quality.

Through the use of HoloLens, the technological brilliance of mixed reality can be explored at an utmost level. Its various applications are emerging in numerous fields.

One of its prominent implementations is in the field of construction and architecture.

By using a HoloLens on construction field a worker can visually understand the layout of a job field. Also, by integrating HoloLens with a hard hat the safety parameter of the worker can also be fulfilled along with the aspect of visual representation.

Mixed Reality Boosting Workers Performance In Construction:

Workers will be able to see visual models of the building over the physical environment which will let the work understand the way a building will look after completion. It will also improve project coordination and will help in the precise alignment of components.

By using a mixed reality based workflow, workers will be able to visualize BIM models and will be able to visualize them in a real-world environment. This will allow identification of discrepancies, precise positioning of equipment, and delivery of quality work.

Mixed reality solutions will also eliminate any interpretation errors during the design and construction stage and help in reducing the chances of schedule delays, cost overruns, and poor quality.

Other areas that are being affected through mixed reality services are:

  • Accuracy While Implementing A Construction Project:

In any project implementing an idea accurately is very important to avoid the wastage of time and money. Mixed reality services will walk the employees and workers throughout the whole project.

Earlier 3-dimensional models were made of the building that was helpful in visualizing its structure and orientation. However, it didn’t solve the problem of scalability and contained inaccuracies and lacked details.

As the users will be seeing the whole project site in MR they will be seeing an actual replica of the building with details and exact measurement tools that will stand there after completion.

This will remove the problem of scalability and workers will be easily able to interact with the site through the help of the immersed virtual holographic site representation on the head-mounted display of their HoloLens.

MR will also let the inspection team navigate through different phases of the project and identify errors before they even surface in the real world.

  • Cost-effective and Time-saving:

Developing a virtual representation of site buildings is time-saving and easy. It can easily replicate the whole building and showcase its every aspect in great detail.

Also, a user can easily make modifications in one portion of the existing digital framework of the building without changing the whole arrangement of the system. This will eliminate the need to create multiple prototypes and new architectural plans of the same building again and again.

This let making modification easy for the architects and managers in a cost-effective and time-saving manner.

  • Analyzing Designs:

This feature is another advantage of mixed reality in the construction field. Designers and architects can walk through the whole site and analyze the design of the whole building at once.

They can detect errors and amend them at the spot instantly. They can choose from multiple design and structural features and add them in the place they want to.

It also let the architects provide better insights to contractors and builders about the change design and details of specific projects.

  • Project Management:

Another advantage of mixed reality solutions is its ability to eliminate the need for a third person’s manually recorded measurements and drawings. A user can see all the specification on his MR headset.

Instead of the traditional methods, MR makes planning and scaling more efficient and saves the time and effort of the team.

This also improves the accuracy of users and deletes the possibility of error caused due to some misinformation.

Also, when the site of the building is remote, sharing modifications in design to someone else becomes simple. This also makes it possible for team members to easily review the whole site without traveling to it.

This also helps the team to collaborate and communicate when traveling becomes difficult due to site conditions and substantial distances.


Mixed reality services are one of the most important technological advancements that will help construction businesses and agencies to build skyscrapers and building in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

It will revolutionize the way of site management and also help in collaborating teams to work in a streamlined process while completing a project.

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