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Yeppar for Augmented reality

Yeppar is an initiative of Rams Creative Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Provides advanced technology solutions in AR/VR/MR across the globe.
As the technologies shown its potential towards the future, hence Big giants of technology like Google and Apple are also working on their ARcore & ARKit consecutively to be ahead in latest technologies.
In Recent Years Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have start popularized among common men resulted the market of these technologies is going to boost in upcoming years, according to report for these technologies, Augmented reality market valued at USD 2.39 billion in 2016 wherein is expected to grow by USD 61.39 till 2023. Grow forecasted at CAGR of 55.71% during the period.

cagr report for ar

Yeppar starts providing AR in 2016 and rapidly registered its growth within one year. It is now listed as India’s first augmented reality company added the top brands in its client lists such as Dainik Jagran, Frontier Markets, National Science Centre Delhi, Department of Information Technology and Communication, Grand Uniara, Sriniwas Fine Arts, Spice Digital and much more.

By its unique technology products and solutions, now being moved to cater the various industries which are urgently required the attention to change the experience of an individual just like education, real estate, automobile, print media, smart packaging and much more to come.

Yeppar is now in a phase of introducing the innovative technology solutions which are going to revolutionize lots of industries around the world.

Let’s check the industries which are being revolutionized by Yeppar.

Yeppar For education

Yeppar is now in the phase to revolutionize the education sector with its technology, which not only offers to change the teaching trends but also beneficial for student engagement and interest towards an object or subject.

Benefits of Yeppar in Education:-

Yeppar is providing the solution to the education industry by its augmented reality app which overlay the additional content to the object to enhance the user experience in real world. It can be in terms of video, image, animation, etc.. Which creates the curiosity of students to learn more about the subject with detailed and unique way, altogether an education provider can offer the quality education to their students via Yeppar’s is to grab the attention of students and can be ahead in the industries by adopting the technology in an initial stage.

• An educator can grab the learners’ attention by providing an engaging presentation for any subject through Yeppar.

• An education provider can offer interactive learning sessions for students to enhance the learning experience by viewing and analyzing the topic through 3D models, animations, digital information so that they can get the advanced knowledge of a particular subject.
• An educational institute and student can save lots of money by adopting technology to avoid investment in physical instruments like posters, banners, practical equipment etc.. And that could be a revolution for the education industry towards a greener environment.
• Augmented models can be easily accessed by students at anywhere, which do not require physical classroom, though enables curiosity of students to know more about the subject and will be beneficial for them to retain the knowledge for a longer period of time.

Yeppar For Smart Packaging

Intelligent and smart packaging is already adopted by known brands to cater marketing trends, user behaviour, product tracking, user feedback which enables a brand to sustain in the competitive market and to grow further according to market strategy.

smart packaging solution

Benefits of Yeppar in Smart Packaging

• Yeppar Smart Packaging is one of the finest technology resolutions to the industries where a brand can be easily popularized their products in the market.
• A Brand can put additional information by intelligent packaging where they can demonstrate their advantages, along with other product information which is not feasible to put in regular packaging due to lack of space available on the packet.
• A brand can analyze the market strategy by getting feedback of market trends through smart packaging altogether they can also put some codes embedded in the packets to get the product tracking and performance.
• A user can easily identify the product quality, availability, ingredients, and other product information through smart packaging, which can be more convenient while choosing the product by any consumer.
• Smart packaging enables the gaming and learning into the packaging which is engaging and interesting while targeting the kids’ products.
• A customer can also grab the information about exciting offers and discounts on other products through smart packaging technology which will enhance the customer experience with the brand and lead towards a solid relationship between customer and Brand.
• A brand can be put its products more qualitative, competitive and available in the market by Yeppar.
• A Brand is capable to support greener earth initiative by adopting intelligent packaging.

Yeppar For Real Estate

While technology is revolutionizing individual’s life, Real Estate sector is also getting shaped by newer solutions to brand and purchase of property, where both the seller and buyer getting an advantage to their verticals, now paper brochures, turning into digital brochures,physical visit turning into digital display through AR/VR/3D models, where a brand is more likely to promote its projects with unlimited facility which is getting more convenient for a buyer to choose a right property while keeping all the buying aspects in mind.

real estate yeppar

Benefits of Yeppar in Real Estate Sector

• Yeppar is dedicated to offering innovative to the industries wherein an individual can make its experience towards any product or service and can gain the advantage of it to their day to day life, Real Estate industry is one of them where a potential buyer choose the property w offers isely with a lot of futuristic kinds of stuff.
• A buyer can be more choosy while buying property by getting add-on information about the projects through AR/VR/MR/3D model experience, and can finally decide to go to his/her desires.
• Through AR models a buyer can experience the realistic/futuristic view of a property for which he/she is looking for, without visiting physically to the projects, in this term a buyer and a seller can smartly save their precious time and money respectively.
• A buyer is also enabled to select various aspects of a property like the interior, furniture, bath fitting accessories, flooring, electric equipment etc.. By Yeppar’s innovation where buyers are flexible to select their dream home smartly.

Yeppar For Automobile Industry

The Automobile industry is now a fastest growing industry across the world due to new innovative technologies has been introduced to it and newer technologies always attract the audience just because of an upgrade in the technology, it is impacting whole experience towards a product or service. Which is always beneficial for manufacturers as well as for the user.
Augmented Reality is now getting much popular in the automotive industry as the big names of car manufacturers are working on the upgraded models through the technology, like BMW, WV etc.. And upgrading their product models towards newer technologies to be ahead in the automobile market.

Benefits of Yeppar in Automobile Sector

• Big brands are working to provide experience to the users by Augmented models which enhances the user experience towards vehicle models by getting additional information and features via super amazing techniques.
• BMW has developed an powerful tool where an engineer can repair and service the car models more efficiently within less time. Whereas WV, luxury segment, Audi has also launched an augmented reality manual app for users.
• By using this technology manufacturing companies are making models through this technology and getting benefitted for new model development as it saves physical material cost and time, and from the technology lots of amendments can be applied for better performance of a product without investing much.
• While in Repairing and services an engineer easily identifies the error and can accordingly upgrade or repair the products without getting any trouble in the process, altogether this technology is enabling the engineers to be familiar with the models which they have never gone through before.
• The technology are also benefiting the industrial training segment by its features, a trainee can easily understand the process for a machinery assembling and dissembling without any physical equipment requirement. Altogether an education institute can save a lot of costs involved in physical material require for practical sessions and can be more effectively provide the training to the trainee about the product with digital structure and information.

ar automobile

Yeppar For Print Media

As digital era is getting its space in human life drastically, usage of print media is getting less due to the green earth initiative, wherein print media can be survived through the use of technology wherein the industry can provide more content in less paperwork via augmented reality are now revolutionizing the print media as well by its unique features and more engaging content is able to grab the attention of the readers, it works as a bridge between print industry and digital industry.

Benefits of Yeppar in Print media

Yeppar smart technofreaks provide an excellent example of a technology where a reader experiencing the far better reading experience. By augmented reality, a reader can grab the additional information for any subject or object with this technology.
• A brand can put an additional layer of information to the object wherein while a user scan through the mobile app. to any object on the paper, it creates a virtual layer with additional information in terms of video, image, 3D animation or graphics on the mobile screen combines the real world with virtual world which makes more effective and an enhanced environment for a reader to know about the subject with more interest and creativity.
• By this unique solution to the print industry, a brand can put more value on its products with less paperwork and cost involved. It also enables a user to get additional engagement towards the content provided with digital information.
• A Reader can get the benefit of this technology to gain more knowledge and extra depth information about any news or article published through print media, which can be more engaging, entertaining and interesting for the user which will retain them for longer periods.

print media

Yeppar for Fine Dining solutions

Hotel and restaurant industry is now on top where not only tasty food attracts the customer, but also services and facilities, location, delivery with add-on value also matters, hence food industry also adopting the latest technologies to attract the customers with lots of interactive activities.

Benefit of Yeppar in Hotel & Restaurant industry

• A brand can easily grab the customer’s attention by providing them with a lot of satisfaction towards the services, as services are also mainstream of any business to retain the existing customers, hence AR is now nourishing this industry.
• A Customer can have physical data of the recipes going to be ordered, which can be more convenient to choose the best out of the list.

• A Brand can make an online reach to the customer by providing additional information about their business, like distance, food type, a timing of delivery, waiting time, fun games for kids and adults, more additional information about the food menu.
• A Customer is having more options to choose from with live demo of the order which creates the interest and engagement of the customer.
• Fun games can be more useful for a brand to engage the customer while waiting time.
• A brand also delights the clients with upcoming thrilling offers to grab the attention to increase the footfall.

ar for restaurent

Technologies are almost covering all the aspect of life by the latest updates with a better user experience where we cannot deny it to remain in the competition, now it depends on you, how fast you adopt them and put yourself ahead from others, because all newer things having the potential to change the entire process of any existing guidelines wherein who play smart will become the winner.
Yeppar is continuously working towards these advanced technologies to put it into the common man’s life easily and instantly so that we can make the generation more advanced towards their goals by providing them with the technology, which triggers them to achieve more than enough to put their existence in this competitive era.

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