Augmented Reality in Poster Design & Print Media

Augmented Reality has enhanced interaction with the users in a never-seen-before manner in the print and publication industry. This technology has acted as a booster for the publishing market and subsequent target audience. It helps the publishers in several ways, the most effective being multi-channel communication. Augmented Reality posters facilitate the amalgamation of traditional style with contemporary material in order to benefit the business and bring in new revenue options.

augmented reality poster

Currently, we live in an era where information equates to gold or even more and hence the immersive AR features take the experience to a whole new level by accentuating interactivity many folds. Today, conventional offline media can be converted into digital publications with the help of Augmented Reality. So basically, what Augmented Reality in the publishing industry has done is, putting a screen in almost every individual’s pocket. Now any individual can get access to any information from any publication with the Smartphone.

Not just private publication houses but also the government-owned publication machinery have acknowledged the contribution of Augmented Reality. The Augmented Reality posters are the talk of the town as they give the reader an avantgarde experience which is lacking from the traditional posters. The posters are created and then linked with a 3d AR experience for the readers to give additional value, personalization and convenience. And on top of that, these Augmented Reality posters are available for free on the Android Playstore and can be accessed easily on a Tablet or Smartphone.

If we talk specifically about the Augmented Reality Print Media, then it will not be an understatement to say that the dynamic content has engaged a very high number of readers. The engagement is even more alluring as it comes with several built-in activities and a higher degree of interactivity. This helps businesses grow in volume as more and more readers are drawn towards these types of news pieces as both content and illustrations can be displayed using a screen and a camera. This content can be in the form of a picture or video file or an audio clip. With an animated sequence or a game activity associated with the traditional media, the user will get to know more.

Augmented Reality posters allow users to receive content from the internet by pointing the smartphone with special add at any printed poster. With such AR solutions, the Harry Potter newspaper with their moving photos won’t be a fantasy anymore. AR in the Print industry where 3d printing has a huge future is transforming the new paper industry. Thus, the 3D images could be something like a simple set of moving images, or the playing of a predetermined video with sound effects. AR technology is developing pictures to print advance-news with a digitally rendered model of content on the new paper page.

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