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Augmented Reality Marketing

The way technology is transforming each and every aspect of lifestyle. Brands have also influenced from the technological era and rigorously adopting latest technology trends to promote their products and services.

Keeping mobile in hand is a revolutionary example that how human life is now influenced by technology where spending life without a cell phone is like we are living without oxygen.

Isn’t it right? If cell phones, digital watches, digital equipment are making room in human life drastically then it’s also necessary for all the brands to change their marketing strategy and move towards technological solutions.

Today we are going to discuss very latest technology which is influencing all the perpendicular of business.

augmented reality marketing

Are you thinking about same?  If yes then you are a genius, yes we are talking about Augmented Reality.

And today we will discuss augmented reality marketing strategies that how this revolutionary technology is getting so conventional for a brand to promote their products through augmented reality.

Before we proceed further, let our audience know who are not aware or less aware of what is augmented reality and how it works?

Augmented Reality: The technology is something which is enabling virtual objects like images, videos, animations, and GPS data into the real world with the help of mobile/tablet devices so that it can enhance user experience towards a particular object or subject and audience can learn more about the desired subject or object.

Let’s take an example of simple human life where most of the crowd usually reading newspapers every day in the early morning to know what is happening in the world on the platform of print media where they usually read the content and try to imagine the object with the help of images available.

But most of the time we are unable to get even images for small news where we have only the option to imagine the situation or the article is redirecting you to visit the website to know more about the related information in detail.

But now you have an option to visualize your imagination with a single tap on your mobile and all the desired information will be on your mobile screen with more interesting and engaging content.

This is the power of augmented reality where we do not need to brainstorm about any subject or object, but whatever we assuming can be in front of our eyes.

Hence the technology can be more useful for the brands to use augmented reality for marketing their products and services to reach the audience more effectively and proficiently.

Yeppar augmented reality marketing solutions is revolutionising all the business verticals toward the betterment of marketing strategies to enhance their sales and marketing graph.

Let’s see how Yeppar innovative augmented reality marketing solutions are transforming the different industries.

FMCG (Fast moving consumer goods) industry: FMCG industry is always being a competitive industry due to tuff competition amongst the brands for serving quality product in the budget, but how to promote the products are always a difficult task for companies to sustain in the market.

We have seen lots of companies have failed to promote their products with right marketing strategies resulted they are out of the market now.

Examples: Nokia ( didn’t switch to android), Suzuki two-wheeler ( didn’t switch to 4 stroke engine earlier), Kodak ( didn’t adopt digital platform), Yahoo ( couldn’t follow appropriate marketing trends) and much more were the world leader at a time where they have never thought about the detachment of their brand in the market due to poor or wrong marketing strategies.

Now if we will go to the case study for their defeat in the market then it will be interesting but by when we will go through their strategies which put them into the dark will definitely make us laugh and anger.

So our recommendation for all the industries to transform their selves according to futuristic technologies otherwise the time will go and there will be nothing to do rather than regret.

We have only shared these cases just to make understand that nothing is permanent in life but how we can survive is more important doesn’t mean how sound we are in term of anything.

Augmented reality marketing solutions will be definitely taking over you from your competitors where you can take the advantage of early adopting this technology and would be the leader of the upcoming epoch.

Education: Augmented reality marketing solutions can also provide an innovative edge to the education industry.

If we talk about education system fewer of the countries are working for an innovative solution but most of the regions are still far behind adopting these ground-breaking technologies although it is very necessary to educate the generation according to latest trends of education otherwise they will not be able to perform in future due to lack of educational content.

Yeppar augmented reality marketing solutions introducing innovative learning material for learners which is not only interactive and engaging but also economical as well so that every learner can gain the desired knowledge and able to retain it for a longer period of time.

The next vertical of business is now getting more attention which is Real Estate. Now you will be able to learn more about how augmented reality marketing campaigns are getting popular amongst the customers while choosing property.

Real Estate: Marketing strategy for real estate through augmented reality is getting more popular these days as it’s benefitting both seller and customer in term of project promotion and project selection respectively.

Let’s check how?

Augmented reality marketing for real estate is now popularizing among real estate industry just because it solves most of their marketing hurdles in the easiest way.

A real estate brand can now promote their projects through augmented reality where they are more convincingly demonstrating their projects amongst potential buyers.

A customer can easily identify the advantage of the projects by experiencing the AR projects, where they can see how the project looks like in real where an option of customization while choosing home interior of any exterior accessories moreover they can also identify the locality, distance from market and many more concerns relates while choosing property.

Projects demonstration through augmented reality is definitely enforcing customers to make an instant decision which is the happiest movement for property sellers.

Now let’s move to another segment which is hotel and restaurants and see how augmented reality marketing solutions for hotel and restaurant industry can push them upstairs.

Hotel and Restaurants: If we talk about restaurants and hotel scenario before decade then well-dressed staff, interior, exterior, hoardings, and banners were enough to attract the customers but now in this era where technology is changing every day, the existing stuff is not enough for the food industry to gain customer attention towards their brand.

This is the era where everybody wants everything at their fingertips where augmented reality marketing strategy for restaurant business having the potential to boost the graph of sale.

With the augmented reality for restaurant promotion, a brand can offer augmented menu card for customers where a customer can go through the process of preparing the recipe altogether can see the food before it served on the table.

All together entertainment while waiting for food is an advantage for the restaurants to engage the customers.

Moreover, time to time offers and discounts on the restaurant app. can also an attention catching and there are more chances for brands to increase customer footfall by adopting augmented reality marketing for their products and services.

So as of now augmented reality for marketing solutions would be a smart move for industries who want to play a long-term game to their business verticals wherein some of the brands have started working towards improvement in productions and services through augmented reality, however, lots of brands still looking this technology to get familiar, we believe augmented reality for business marketing plans would be now adoptable and those who are still in doubt will definitely be in loss if they wait for more to adopt this revolution.

Yeppar is dedicated to providing marketing solutions through augmented reality and revolutionizing the business industries towards the betterment of all the process of an association to build the future ready industries.

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