Transform Your Classroom in a sci-Fi Movie Scene with Yeppar

Learning has never been as engaging as it is now. Augmented reality a much-talked technology, having started its success saga with some of the most ravishing AR based games, has gone that extra mile in transforming the education sector. From AR based classrooms to AR based notebooks; it has created an immense space for students to dwell deeper into the subject.

Imagine a classroom, where charts, posters and images once hanging stagnant on walls comes to life when scanned through YeppAR app. Isn’t it taking us to a world of Harry Potter where pictures and paintings speak. A mere scan over the images or texts, unleashes a pool of knowledge. Not forgetting to say, a practical and much useful knowledge.

Today’s student of digital era, are much stimulated by use of techno-savvy learning methods, as it keeps their interest high. AR based education is much more similar it. Having a YeppAr app downloaded on Smartphones, every student can get a personal view and in-depth view of a model. More than that, each student develops a clear understanding about a model, as learning by dint of visualizing and interactions has been proved more effective over the years. What makes it more popular among the young generation is the endless learning possibilities it generates that fosters intellectual curiosity and creativity.

Augmented reality is such a wide scoped applications that it persuades people to think out of the box. Much of AR has already been employed by use of apps like Yeppar to turn education sector into a livelier rostrum. Education providers across the globe have already tapped the potential of AR by instigating classroom learning, Word walls, Yearbooks, Lab safety and much more. Interestingly, AR in education sector has opened up new avenues for physically disabled children. Their scope to be at par with others and get learned seems to double itself with AR in place.

By virtue of AR in education, students are strongly driven to realise their passion and set their path for future. AR is deemed to transform the dimensions of learning in coming years by letting learners dig deeper into the subject.

What is YeppAr?

Augmented reality as known by most of us is a rocket science technology that places a layer of virtual world over the real world. But the question arises? How does it happen?

This is when, YeppAr app comes into foreplay. YeppAr an absolutely free app on Playstore is availed to scan the images, videos, OR codes to bring life-like effects to all. This uniquely positioned app offers a galaxy of additional information when glanced over any image and this is how, it engages the readers more and inspires them to undertake all their future endeavors with more zeal and determination.

Augmented Reality in Education

AR in education would bring out the best of creativity thought ever before!

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  1. Daisy

    I use AR technology for education. It’s an amazing thing. I can show the anatomy and talk about the bones and the human body using the application. I think it’s a terrific idea.. Can you recommend some applications?

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