What to expect from Augmented Reality in 2017?

By 2017, approximately,

  • 20 million AR devices will be sold
  • 2.5 billion mobile AR apps will be downloaded each year
  • 1 billion users would acquaint with AR by 2020

Augmented reality, the pace with which this most nascent and futuristic technology has spread and marked its presence and usefulness in almost all spheres of life, clearly evidences what potential it holds to revamp the life of human beings over whole nine yards.

Augmented reality future

Augmented Reality Future

Augmented reality, a pioneering technology has been continuously benefitting the mankind with the steady development of outlandish applications that are remodeling the way people see, interact and learn from their surroundings. What’s more incredible is the way AR has changed the corporate landscapes, as to how people do business and market their products and services.

One of the biggest lead that AR promises to all its users is the panoramic view of the real-world with some essentially added computer –generated elements like graphics, videos, images or sounds to give a completely immersive and engaging experience to the end-users. What’s best about AR is all that magic it creates happens in real space giving it a more life-like experience and adding value for the people. With AR in almost every arena, it won’t be wrong to say that information has become more and more omnipresent and the AR technology promises to create a screen-less future. Needless to say, that the additional layer of information is surely making the decision-making process more effective and swift. Overseeing the stride with which AR technology is entering from gaming to real estate to healthcare to marketing and hospitality fraternity, the technology promises a staunch development and improvement with the addition of pristine features like gesture interfaces, sensory feedbacks and much more to interblend physical space with digital information.

According to CCS Insight’s Chief of Research, Ben Wood, “the major giants in IT sector have employed their best of talent for evaluating the untapped potential within the AR technology.  AR technology has already gained much of traction in the corporate sector and, several blue-chip companies are into crafting some outlandish pilots that can assure multiple benefits and cost-cuts in future.” Looking over the recent trends in AR technology, Wood have commented saying, “the future will foresee a full-scale deployment of this tech and, the early bird adopters of this tech are surely going to gain that extra edge over its competitors.”

AR technology having already created an epoch with apps like Pokémon GO in the gaming industry, Star Chart in the education industry, YeppAr and Yelp Monocle in Restaurant industry and much more, have set a benchmark and promises to advance unrealistic and scientific interventions for making life more easier and accessible. Some of the traits of Augmented reality future that are in pipeline and are aimed at revolutionising the world in the coming years are:

  • High-resolution of data: With more of wearable devices being introduced in the market, the access to a prodigious amount of data is just a click away. The visualization of data holds scope to alter the instrumentality in area of law enforcement, human services, and emergency response
  • Screen-free world: With folks moving around with wearable AR devices, the information presentation on screen would become obsolete.
  • Gestural Interfaces: Silent Communication through body language is what drove developers to seek ways to control the technology with body language and action with the mission to enhance the human-technology interrelation.
  • Security upswing: With Haptic and sophisticated technologies in progress, the key government areas together with naval and air force defense, heath care and jurisdiction system may witness an upswing in security and enforcement.

AR technology ever since its inception have offered beyond expectation and this saga seems to continue in the coming years too.

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