5 Ways Virtual Paint Try On Would Benefit Your Business

Augmented reality is a well-known term for tech geeks and gamers, but it’s in public demand these days for its capabilities beyond certain possibilities!

Virtual Paint Try On

Virtual try-on tools are extremely trending among consumers of various industries ever since the recent pandemic. AR holds the power to immerse users into an on-screen virtual environment by blending in elements from both reality and virtuality.

In a generation where people could virtually try any product from lipstick to furniture, why would you need to assign a team to visit customers’ to let them know what product and which shade would suit their walls?

Makes no sense, right?

Offer your consumers a convenient way to try out your different products and a wide range of shades, textures, and designs, with a dedicated virtual paint try on app. Let them stay home, safe and convenient, and save your team’s time for something more productive, as the app would paint their walls with a different shade on each tap on their screen.

Martech: 2020 and beyond by BDO and WARC reports that 21% of marketers have already leveraged AR in their campaigns, while a study conducted by Gartner says that 46% of retailers are determined to deploy AR/VR solutions to remarket their brands and products.

Brands have realized that AR holds the ultimate power to engage customers as they are provided with unique customer experiences. The tech could allow your consumers to interact with your products to make the most out of any marketing campaign.

Let’s take a quick look at how a virtual try-on solution could benefit your paint brand.

An engaging multi-channel customer experience

Consumers got inclined towards online shopping since the emergence of eCommerce, and now digitalization has evolved the factors like consumers’ decision-making process and shopping patterns. They are no more satisfied with the pre-uploaded images of a random room painted or the slider images of the bucket.

It is time for marketers to invest in advanced technologies to deliver a smoother customer experience, to engage them in an interactive buying journey helping them take quick and effective decisions with immersive visual content that could please them with a pinch of personalization. Augmented reality visualizes your consumers’ room in different shades of your product, to help them easily find what they desired.

Dedicated tech app helps create a loyal community

Being a brand, offering your users a tech-savvy solution to make their shopping easy would help in conveniently convert them and keep them loyal. Most consumers are ready to spend more on a product if they could virtually try it on an AR-powered app. AR is proven to deliver a smooth shopping experience allowing them to discover more options and can even personalize them.

Once you allow your consumers to virtually check out your products, their varieties, shades, and more, as it would look like in reality, they could be brought closer to your brand in the future too.

Let them feel the product as they try

A paint visualizer tool is for the customers to try your products in their personal space, be it their bedroom, living room, or even office. They could virtually view their walls painted with several shades of your products before they choose to purchase the ones they liked the most. They can upload a picture of their space to see them painted, or even walk around with their app camera on to explore their redesigned version of the room in real-time.

They could enjoy complete freedom to discover the content from all angles to feel different products, and to make decisions, to choose the product based on their decision after virtual trials, with no worries of session time. They could take their time to make the choice for their purchase.

Encourage cross-sales with paint visualizer tech

Do you have more than paint to sell, be it flooring, curtains, or anything?

Then, a virtual try-on app would assist your consumers to mix and match a variety of products based on looks and styles to check out entirely if it goes well with their personal spaces. As they choose paint for their room, recommend them with matching curtains and wall arts.

By pitching more products to users, you could sell a variety of products in a bundle to boost sales efficiently. A virtual try-on app with product recommendations is a proven technique to rocket up sales in eCommerce and other digital platforms.

Let them share to make you extraordinaire

Do you remember those days when we used to tell our friends about a new dress and tell them about what you like about it?

Yeah. Word-of-Mouth marketing!

The same is now seen on social media.

Virtual paint try on solutions come with a social share feature that allows users to take pictures of their virtually redesigned spaces or even a selfie in the virtual space, to share on social media platforms, or even with their family and friends on other social apps. They could ask for suggestions and even recommend their close ones to shop with your brand.

Let their words spread to give you greater exposure!

Finishing stroke

Augmented reality is no more a thing from the future. It is here to make the impossible possible, and tech leaders are using them to design and develop enterprise solutions for modern business challenges.

Being a paint brand, adopting a paint visualizer app powered by AR would put you a couple of steps ahead of your competitors, with utmost consumer engagement and an ultra-interactive customer experience. With all the benefits mentioned above, a virtual paint try on solution can level up your business by reducing returns and boosting sales.

Rocket up customer engagement and sales with Yeppar’s Virtual Paint Try On!

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