4 Factors Making Virtual Showrooms a must-adopt tech for New-Gen Brands

Assume your customers are exploring your products from the comfort of their office or home, on an immersive 3D experience. They could walk through your stores, without even moving their feet to interact with your brands and products. That’s what a virtual showroom can make possible for your brand!

Virtual Showroom

The market has already switched to the digital era, but something was missing in the customer’s eCommerce shopping experience. From opening the app to finding the right product and adding it to the cart, the buying journey has turned boring for your buyers, and the post-delivery disappointment of imperfect fit and size of products has also made eCommerce a bitter experience.

The major thing missing in online shopping was the realistic essence of physicality. With virtual showrooms, brands can easily bridge the gap between digital and physical shopping environment, to deliver a unique and interactive customer experience.

What is Virtual Showroom?

A virtual showroom is an immersive space that delivers customers 360-degree visual access to the virtual environment and 3D product displays, for a lavish brand experience. The virtual visitors could conveniently get access to the entire product information and also could interact with sales representatives.

The virtual environment is navigable with markers and hotspots allowing them to easily find what they are looking for, as the visually pleasing experience engages them to explore more. Brands can even configure a virtual host to welcome visitors to the virtual showroom, and guide them around the virtual space.

From fashion to furniture, and accessories to automotive, virtual showrooms hold the extreme capability to take your business to new levels with higher customer engagement and more sales.

Here are the major factors to consider a Virtual Showroom solution for your brand:

Let the global audience interact with your products

Be your business into B2B or B2C products/services, taking your showroom online would engage your partners, associates, clients, and customers across the globe. Showcasing your products on a web-based virtual showroom would make your collection globally available, to discover new potential buyers from different regions. With people from various locations reaching this online destination to explore your wide range of products with a highly engaging virtual environment, they could experience a convenient and interactive shopping experience.

Let them step into your virtual showroom to explore your products which are showcased as 3D replicas. It helps them view your products from all angles, with access it the details of the product for better interaction with the product.

The quick you adopt, the more your brand benefits

Do you remember the days when businesses didn’t even have a website?

While businesses started digitizing, the ones which didn’t create a website fell behind in the race. Now, the businesses are switching to virtual showrooms and product displays to get ahead in the competition and the brands which aren’t making the change would be left behind.

Market trends are something that binds a brand closer to your consumers. Virtual showrooms are emerging to be a market trend, delivering consumers with a convenient way to shop along with an interactive customer experience. With all competitors adapting to the new market trend, you can never expect to keep a hold on to your consumers, as they would proceed to move further with a brand that runs along with the generation.

Virtual Showrooms are cost-effective

If you are expecting a virtual showroom to replace a physical showroom, let us honestly refuse it!

But it has its own benefits being a web-based solution. Virtual showrooms are comparatively a worthy investment for brands and businesses, as the maintenance costs inclusive of product updates are relatively low. With several efficient reasons to adapt for marketing purposes, this virtual marketing solution is exceptionally cost-effective and efficient to add high value to your marketing strategies.

The pandemic & the changing customer behavior

The outbreak of covid-19 has influenced the businesses and the way consumers interact with brands.  Stepping out to reach your office or showroom is dangerous for your clients, associates, and customers. But, it is your responsibility to reach out to update them regarding new products and collections.

So what if they could not come to your showroom? Take the showroom to them virtually to entice them with a whole new shopping experience.

Consumers are opening up to digital and virtual options to shop with their favorite brands, keeping social distancing and contactless shopping in consideration. They are discovering more virtual experiences, besides shopping to engage themselves with emerging brands.

With customers’ preferences leaning to the virtual side, this is the time for brands and businesses to take advantage of 3D virtual showrooms to immerse their customers for the sake of growth.

Go Virtual, Go Viral

Virtual showrooms are promising to deliver more than just shopping, with videos, infographics, and 3D content to engage them for a longer dwelling time to convert them conveniently. To make sure the customers are well informed on all the products they purchase, developers provide multiple options to interact like text, voice, and video chat to connect with the sales team for making queries and to clear doubts.

Filling in the gaps between physical and digital, virtual showrooms are doing magic for brands to connect with vaster target audience globally. Shake hands with the leading virtual showroom developers and witness your brand touching new heights.

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